How Throne of Eldraine Revolutionizes Booster Packs

How Throne of Eldraine Revolutionizes Booster Packs

August 21, 2019 | 1 min to read

There are always new ways to play Magic. New formats, like Brawl. New in-store experiences, like Magic Weekend. New digital expressions, like MTG Arena. Dig through the game's twenty-six-year history and you'll find countless things to do with Magic cards.

But you'll only find one way to open them in a pack.

From the very beginning, cracking open a booster has been one of Magic's fundamental experiences. But with minor exceptions, there's only been one way to do it.

That all changes with Throne of Eldraine.

Come October, players will choose between packs optimized for drafting, deckbuilding, or collecting—and, for any player looking to do those things, they'll represent a far greater value, and a far more enticing pick up.

Up to now, the contents of any given booster have been basically the same.

Be it Core Set 2020 or Modern Horizons, a booster has fifteen cards, usually one rare or mythic, a foil here and there. So if you're going to recommend a booster pack, you'll generally make that recommendation based on the experience level of the player.

But, come Throne, the contents change—or rather, they expand. And that expands the range of available experiences.

That means boosters can be categorized by more than just the experience level of the player. They can be categorized by the kind of pack-opening experience the player wants.

Draft Boosters

If a player is happy with the traditional pack-opening experience, great. That experience isn't going anywhere.

A Draft Booster is the same pack you're used to—fifteen cards, usually one rare or mythic, etc. We're calling them Draft Boosters now since that's what they're best for—drafting. These stay the same (although the foil drop rate did go up with Core Set 2020).

Theme Boosters

Say you're a relatively new player. You love your mono-green ramp deck, and you love tweaking it, slotting cards in and out as your collection grows.

Buy a Draft Booster and you might get three to five candidates for your deck. Buy a Theme Booster and you get thirty-five.

Theme Boosters debuted with Guilds of Ravnica—35-card booster packs based on one theme (a color, a color pair, etc.). They're designed to be a better value for a deck builder, especially one whose deck is just taking shape. You've probably got some on your shelves as you read this.

They're not new with Eldraine, but you could say they launched a project that Eldraine completes.

Specifically, with the introduction of a totally new booster product.

Collector Boosters

Collector Boosters turbocharged booster packs loaded with delicacies for binder-fillers and anyone who wants to style out their deck: fifteen cards, including a foil, borderless rare or mythic, a regular foil rare or mythic, 9 foil commons/uncommons, and more.

Best part: we're sending you a stack of Collector Boosters as a bonus for your earliest Throne of Eldraine booster box sales.

Around September 20, you'll get your Buy-a-Box promos, like usual. The same shipment will include a quantitiy of Collector Boosters based on your metrics. Give these out as part of the Buy-a-Box and Prerelease Early Sale promotion, in addition to the Buy-a-Box card. No action is required on your part. They'll just show up.

Two important caveats. 1) You'll get more promo cards than Collector Boosters. Use that limited supply to drive early preorders. 2) Remember that, just like the Buy-a-Box card, these are for booster box purchases—meaning, traditional booster boxes (Draft Boosters).

With these new boosters, players have greater agency than ever.

Drafting, deckbuilding, collecting.

Thing is, a traditional booster serves all those purposes. It has for twenty-six years. For a lot of players, it'll continue to do so. That's fine.

But for some players, the new pack options are just plain better—whether they're fine-tuning their mono-green ramp deck or just putting together a jealousy-inspiring binder. And that extra value makes for a more satisfying experience, and more alluring purchase.

Talk to your distributor about them today!


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