How to Train Volunteers

How to Train Volunteers

April 20, 2015 | 1 min to read

You've just recruited one of your regular players as a volunteer to help organize and run events.

Ease them into the process of tournament organizing with a casual event that also brings in new players!

Hold a "Training" Event

Running a large event with many experienced players can be intimidating for new volunteers. So start them off easy with a fun and casual event like Intro Pack wars at Friday Night Magic!

This event works great since it's very casual and new player friendly.

Run It As a Side Event

You can run as many events as you like at Friday Night Magic, in any formats your players want. Hold this event as a side event and run your regular Friday Night Magic events alongside it as the main event.

Invite Your Head Judge

Have your experienced judge run the main event while still assisting the volunteer with the side event.

Having a mentor on hand to ask questions and get guidance from will help your volunteer grow confident in the role.

Not only will you be training your new volunteer under the guidance of an experienced judge, you're also catering to new and casual players at Friday Night Magic with this friendly side event!

Do you already have a volunteer training event or program in place? Tell us about it and you could be featured on our site!

By Jordan Comar


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