How to Use Your New Player Welcome Kit

How to Use Your New Player Welcome Kit

June 24, 2015 | 1 min to read

A Magic Duels player comes in, looking to get started with face-to-face Magic. An uninitiated player stops by, curious about the game. Enter the New Player Welcome Kit.

Here's how to use it.

Customize Your Invitations

Download this template, fill out your information, then print them on 2 inch by 4 inch shipping labels, available from an office supply store or online.

Apply them to your invitations and you're all set.

Welcome New Players

The Welcome Kit is designed to work with Magic Duels to grow your community.

When a new player walks in your door, pull out one of your kits and offer to run a demo. Be enthusiastic and don't worry too much about being precise with the rules. The goal is to show how fun the game can be and get the player excited to learn more.

After your demo, give the player the decks in the provided deck box, then use the postcard to invite the player to one of your Friday Night Magic events.

Make More Kits!

The Welcome Kit is a pilot program with limited quantities. But if you run out, it's easy to make more:

  • Print invitations here
  • Contact your WPN representative for more Magic Origins Sample Decks
  • Package the kit in a spare deck box (available through Ultra Pro)

Help improve the kits for next year! Tell us what you think.

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