Improve Your FNM

Improve Your FNM

January 24, 2017 | 2 min to read

We’ve compiled some of the best articles discussing tips on improving and growing Friday Night Magic at your store.

Why This Store’s FNM is Up 30%

Pandemonium Games grew their FNM attendance by 30% in a matter of months by opening the event up to casual formats. Find out how they did it.

A New Player Event That Works

Gained double the number of participants at their FNM by hosting an event beforehand specifically tailored toward new players. Find out what they did for their new player event and see how it fed into their FNM events.

You Could Be Selling More Duel Decks

These stores periodically use their Friday Night Magic to boost product sales and appeal to a wider segment of players. Find out how.

How 1 Store’s Events Grew 20% in 8 Months

Shortstops, located in Florida, used big rewards focused on the top standings for Friday Night Magic. However, after the brief initial success, attendance began to severely dwindle. Find out how they climbed their way back out and ultimately grow their events by 20%.

By Jordan Comar


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