Improve Your Singles Displays: Use Our New Inventory Labels!

Improve Your Singles Displays: Use Our New Inventory Labels!

November 9, 2021 | 1 min to read

Figuring out the best way to store or display your singles can be a challenge—but it will be no longer! We've developed new singles labels to keep your inventory clean and consistent.

Right now, Standard set labels are available in English, and we highly encourage every WPN retailer to download, print, and use them in your store.

Why Use Our Singles Labels?

The storage of your singles should be considered part of your store's aesthetic. If they're visible, you'll want to make sure their labeling is clear, consistent, and branded properly to ensure your players have a better browsing experience.

Many stores stock their singles in a jewelry case—while this is an excellent solution to showcase cards and keep them in pristine condition, it may not be realistic for every retailer. A space- and budget-conscious store may need to use plain boxes and binders for singles storage.

Our singles labels are made to fit easily with standard box and binder sizes, removing the need to make handwritten or home-printed labels as workarounds. Each label has a consistent logo size and placement, even allowing room for you to incorporate your store's branding where appropriate.

How to Start Using Our Inventory Labels

Can't wait to get labeling? Labels for all Standard sets are available in English right now! After you download them, we recommend getting them printed professionally to ensure the highest quality display for your store.

If you're ready to streamline your labeling system, head over to our Digital Marketing Assets page and start downloading!


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