Introduction to Journey into Nyx

Introduction to Journey into Nyx

March 11, 2014 | 1 min to read

Journey into Nyx is the conclusion to the Theros block and the final installment of the Hero's Path. Activities for Journey into Nyx will mirror what you have come to expect with Theros and Born of the Gods, with new Hero cards to hand out at the Prerelease on April 26 & 27, Launch Weekend on May 2-4, and Game Day on May 24 & 25.

In addition to the usual Prerelease activities, your players will be participating in an independent activity, Forge a Godslayer, to use against the Challenge Deck at Game Day. There will be full instructions for this activity in each player's Prerelease Pack and in your Prerelease kit.

During your Launch Weekend, invite your players to complete their quest by solving the puzzle poster we'll provide.

At your Game Day, your players will have the opportunity to combat the Defeat a God Challenge Deck. They will be able to use three of the Hero Cards they have collected and the Godslayer that they forged at the Prerelease to complete this final quest of the Hero's Path!


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