Invitation Incoming: Join The MTG Arena Beta

Invitation Incoming: Join The MTG Arena Beta

September 6, 2017 | 1 min to read

You and your players are invited to join the next phase of digital MagicMagic: The Gathering Arena.

MTG Arena translates the rich world of Magic into a modern digital gaming experience. It's the first piece of Magic Digital Next—an expansive digital Magic ecosystem, with integration between in-store play, Magic Online, and future Magic productions.

WPN members are first in line to play MTG Arena, and so are your Prerelease attendees. By joining an Ixalan Prerelease, we'll put them in the queue for priority access to the closed beta.

Note: This opportunity is open to all Prerelease attendees and WPN members globally, but MTG Arena is currently available in English only.

Get everything you need to know about MTG Arena from Vice President of Digital Game Development Jeffrey Steefel here.

Anyone can sign up for the beta, but WPN members and Ixalan Prerelease attendees are first on the list.

Here's what you need to know:

Token cards with instructions are incoming.

Before Prerelease, you'll receive a set of token cards with instructions on how to join the beta. All you've got to do is hand them out at Prerelease.

Note: players will need to complete at least one round to be eligible for priority access. If they drop without playing a match, it'll be as if they didn't attend at all.

Priority access requires a DCI number.

To sign up for the beta, players will enter some personal information at To get fast-tracked, they'll need to include the DCI number they used at Prerelease, and it'll need to be tied to a Wizards account. No DCI number, no priority access.

Invitations will go out in waves.

If you or your players miss out on the first wave, don't worry. We'll send out more invitations as testing allows.

Signups are open now, and invitations begin after Prerelease on September 23–24.


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