Join Our Facebook Group

Join Our Facebook Group

September 11, 2015 | 1 min to read

We know you value connecting with other WPN retailers to share best practices, especially at distributor shows.

Unfortunately, the average retailer can attend only one show per year. For many of you, these shows are your only touchpoint with other store owners.

We want to change that.

Join the Wizards Play Network Facebook Group

We're launching the Wizards Play Network Facebook Group as a pilot in an effort to better emphasize the Network in Wizards Play Network.

Beyond providing another means to connect with your fellow WPN retailers, we want to ensure we’re keeping an open line of communication with you.

If we’re doing something that’s working well for your business, we want to know. If there’s something we could improve upon, we want to know that, too.

To help focus on topics relevant to WPN retailers, we’ve set the group up as Closed, meaning admissions require admin approval.

We’ll confirm each applicant represents a WPN retail location. A Closed group also means that while anyone can find the group, only group members can see what’s posted and reply to those posts.

To join, visit this page and click the "Join Group" button in the top right corner.

We look forward to seeing you there.

by Paul Hagan


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