Kaldheim Marketing Materials

Kaldheim Marketing Materials

January 11, 2021 | 2 min to read

Kaldheim Prerelease starts January 29—that means Magic's most unapologetically awesome set to date is almost here!

Your Kaldheim marketing kits will be in your store soon, so here's everything you need to know about the Buy-a-Box Promo (for Kaldheim and Time Spiral Remastered), Promo Packs, Bring-a-Friend Promos, and more!

Booster Breakdown Graphics: Download Now

Digital Kaldheim marketing materials are ready for you to download now, including these helpful booster breakdown graphics that explain what players can find in each booster.

You can find these as part of the newest digital marketing assets: Booster Breakdown Images. Just download one .zip file and you'll have these images explaining Draft, Set, and Collector Booster contents to share with your community.

Metal-Inspired Poster: Arriving 1/22–1/28 for regions outside NA and LATAM

You may have noticed that Kaldheim isn't about doing things the usual way—and this set's poster is no exception.

Get your players hyped for the brutal world of Kaldheim with this awesome, metal-inspired poster commissioned for the WPN.

Retailers in North America and Latin America should have already received this poster—other regions can expect it to arrive with the rest of their kit, as listed below.

Kaldheim Buy-a-Box Promo, Realmwalker: Arriving 1/22–1/28

You'll find Realmwalker in other Kaldheim products, but the extended, alt-art treatment is unique to this promotion.

You can give out Realmwalker for sales of the following products:

  • Set Booster Display—all WPN members can sell starting February 5*
  • Draft Booster Display—all WPN members can sell Prerelease Early Sale Promotion allocation boxes from January 29- February 4. Individual packs from any leftover early sale boxes can be sold on or after the set release day.
  • Collector Booster Display—WPN Premium members can sell Prerelease Early Sale Promotion allocation boxes starting January 29 when your store opens. Any leftover early sale boxes can be sold on or after the set release day. All WPN members can start selling full boxes and individual packs on or after the set release day.
  • 6 Prerelease Packs—all WPN members can sell starting January 29 when your store opens

*In New Zealand and Australia, Set Boosters will be sold for the Early Sale Promotion rather than Draft Boosters.

Kaldheim Promo Packs: Arriving 1/22–1/28

Here's what players will find inside a Kaldheim Promo Pack:

  • R/M from Kaldheim (anything but Modal Double-Faced cards)
  • R/M from a curated list (including Modern & Commander-focused cards)
  • Dark Frame C/U from Kaldheim
  • Arena code for one Kaldheim booster (limit five per customer, available only in certain regions)

WPN members can continue to use Promo Packs as a sales incentive and as a reward for at-home play through Kaldheim season.

Time Spiral Remastered Buy-a-Box/Launch Party Promo, Lotus Bloom: Arriving 1/22–1/28

The Time Spiral Remastered promo card is Lotus Bloom, which you won't find in TSR Draft Boosters.

These promos will be arriving much earlier than you'll need them—hold on to them until TSR releases in March. Then, hand out one Lotus Bloom promo card for each TSR Booster Box purchased or at each Webcam or In-Store TSR Launch Party event attended.

Note that At-Home Release Events are not available for this promotion. Players will only receive the promo if they are participating in an event at your store, via webcam, or purchasing a full box from you.

As always, please consult regional guidelines for in-store play suspensions and updates.

Bring-a-Friend Promos: Arriving 1/22–1/28

Welcome Booster production is on hold in North America and Europe for Kaldheim. APAC, Japan, and Latin America can still expect Welcome Boosters to arrive alongside their Bring-a-Friend Promos.

All regions will still receive the Bring-a-Friend promo, Reliquary Tower.

Bring-a-Friend Promos are simple: any time a player brings someone new to your community to play in an event, reward your existing player with the promo—webcam events count!

While you wait for your kits to arrive, swing by the Marketing Materials page to download the newest assets and prep your online storefront!


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