Made a Mistake? Do This.

Made a Mistake? Do This.

March 27, 2015 | 1 min to read

A devoted Magic player wins a Grand Prix Trial. spends months testing and tweaking his Standard deck, drives eight hours to the Grand Prix, only to learn that the byes he earned aren't coming to him.

And it's your fault.

What do you do?

Todd Nightenhelser of TCB Games found himself in just this position. Here's how he handled it:

First, he apologized.

Circumstances conspired, and, with a lot of less-than-ideal changes going on at TCB. Todd let this one slip through the cracks.

But he did the right thing: he owned up to it, and offered a heartfelt apology.

In a lot of cases (this one included) that's all a customer's looking for. But Todd didn't stop there.

Next, he covered expenses.

Todd paid for the GPT, his travel expenses to the GP, and even his travel expenses to his next GP, including a swanky hotel.

All told. it ran him a few hundred dollars. But to retain his player's trust and show, in real action, his sincerity, he thinks he got a bargain.

Lastly, he went above and beyond.

If step two was going above, step three is going beyond: for an upcoming GPT. Todd and company are hosting a "Good Will" event. high reward and a low barrier to entry, for the entire community.

It's a clear and decisive message to his player base that the mistake won't be repeated.

And as for the player, he's as loyal as ever, and he's even going out of his way to promote the Good Will event.

With a little finesse and a lot of sincerity. Todd turned what could have been a low point into a win for his entire community.

It's a helpful example of what you can do if it happens to you!

By Matt Neubert


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