Make Friday a "Night of Magic"

Make Friday a "Night of Magic"

December 16, 2014 | 1 min to read

With the changes to Friday Night Magic launching this January, now more than ever FNM is a place for players to celebrate Magic: The Gathering every Friday night at your store.

Try these ideas to broaden your community:

Encourage Participation

Focus more on encouraging participation and less on winning. Give out raffle tickets for each game loss like The Battlezone does.

Reward players who get into the flavor of the set like Games Academy did!

Explore Different Formats

Beginning in January, you can have any number of FNM events in any format!

Commander, Two-Headed Giant, Sealed, Modern, you name it!

Ask your players what event formats they want to play and create a list of the top 10 chosen formats. Challenge your players to participate in at least one event of every top 10 format at your store and reward those that complete the challenge!

Spread the Love

Avoid a top-heavy prize structure. Follow Ace Comic's example and create one that rewards everyone!

Host a Learn-to-Play Event

A great way to invite new players to participate is to host a learn-to-play event at your next FNM!

Give players an Intro Pack with their entry fee for the event. Include in your prize pool something that appeals to a wide audience such as movie tickets or a gift card to a restaurant.

Lastly, remember to thank them for coming in and invite them back to your next event!

How are you growing your FNM community? Tell us about it at and you could be featured on this site!


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