Make the Most of Small Business Saturday

Make the Most of Small Business Saturday

November 8, 2016 | 2 min to read

What started as a credit card promotion in 2010, has grown into an official day recognized by the U.S. Senate and celebrated across the nation by 95 million shoppers.

Small Business Saturday encourages shoppers to patronize local brick-and-mortar shops within their communities.

"It’s perfect counterprogramming after shoppers get worn out on Black Friday at big box stores and such," says Michael Bahr, owner of Desert Sky Games and Comics in Arizona.

How Do You Participate?

It can be as simple as including the "Small Business Saturday" title in your promotions leading up to the day or you can get more involved like Desert Sky Games does.

Each year, Michael organizes events and activities at his store like Magic tournaments and game demos that entice his community to come out, shop, and spread the word that Desert Sky Games is the place to shop and play.

You can take advantage of Small Business Saturday’s marketing resources as well as those provided here on our site to best promote your participation in this shopping holiday.

Is it Worth It?

Michael is adamant the answer is yes.

Every retailer should participate in Small Business Saturday.

Michael has noticed a trend at his store where many high-spending customers arrange to make large purchases specifically on Small Business Saturday.

Not only do they want to support Desert Sky Games, many of Michael's customers seek to take advantage of the special bonuses offered by the credit card company that founded the event.

A typical customer is ready to be persuaded to take the plunge on a big buy if you remind them about the [Small Business Saturday] promotion.


If this is your first Small Business Saturday, make sure you are fully prepared!

In addition to prepping your marketing plan, scheduling extra staff, and other major event checklist items, Michael recommends, "Get your large restock orders in by the Friday before Thanksgiving to ensure customers don’t come in and find an empty shelf instead of the big-ticket item they wanted."

Get more great suggestions from other retailers on the Small Business Saturday website.

Store Stats: Desert Sky Games and Comics

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