Making Remote Magic Events A Success With SpellTable Beta

Making Remote Magic Events A Success With SpellTable Beta

March 8, 2021 | 2 min to read

Matthew Vercant at Just Games in Rochester, New York, regularly runs webcam events for his large Magic community—he estimates the store has over 250 active players right now.

To keep his community engaged, Matthew adjusted the event strategy at Just Games to best suit his players’ needs by incorporating easy-to-use tools like SpellTable beta.

In case you missed it, SpellTable beta is the first website designed and built solely for playing paper Magic remotely—it not only makes playing remote Magic easy but simplifies setting up events for your community, too.

SpellTable beta, quite simply, is the easiest to use.

"SpellTable beta is probably the next best thing to playing in person," says Matthew, who's been using it to facilitate and run remote events for nearly a year.

SpellTable Beta: The Easiest Remote Magic Tool for Both Retailers and Players

With new-player-friendly features like quick, free account creation and a multiplayer mode that allows fans who aren't playing to watch 1v1 matches (perfect for anyone learning to play), SpellTable beta is an incredible tool for community building, which can be extra challenging when players can’t meet in person.

Plus, of all the ways to play remote paper Magic available, "SpellTable beta, quite simply, is the easiest to use," says Matthew. It combines all of remote Magic's most needed features—like integrated video and audio, card identification, and life tracking—all in one tool.

Setting up an event with SpellTable beta—from logging in to starting the game—takes less than five minutes. Here's all you need to do:

  1. Log in to SpellTable beta using your Wizards Account.

  2. Create a game and name your first table.

  3. Join the game, copy the invite link, and save it.

  4. Leave the game (but make sure not to click close game!)

  5. Make all the tables you need for your event.

  6. Assign each match a table and send players their invite link.

In the time it takes your players to sleeve their decks, you can set up a webcam Magic event through SpellTable—because it's so quick and simple, Matthew was able to adapt his remote event strategy to better serve his community without disrupting the rest of his day-to-day work.

Adapt SpellTable Beta Events for the Community, Attract New Customers

"A lot of our customers can't make regular event times right now," Matthew explains. Rather than give up on playing Magic with their community, his players started using Discord groups to meet up and play when they were available.

As the community adapted to keep playing, Just Games began facilitating these new player-run groups.

"I see my job as community building," Matthew says, "so we teamed up with those small groups, setting aside prize packs for them if they sent us a screenshot playing on SpellTable beta or Discord." According to Matthew, "these events help make new customers and keep them around—we're even seeing folks at events or making purchases long after moving out of the area."

SpellTable beta is probably the next best thing to playing in person.

Running events through SpellTable beta is a great way to incentivize fans to stay active in the community and keep buying paper Magic from your store.

If your community is already organizing SpellTable beta games, consider reaching out and offering prize support. And if not, poll your community to see what remote event types and times are best for them right now.

Whether your community is interested in SpellTable events by Wizards or a spontaneous midnight game of Commander, schedule your next webcam event with SpellTable beta.


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