Masters 25: The 10 Cards that Matter Most

Masters 25: The 10 Cards that Matter Most

March 5, 2018 | 4 min to read

If you've been waiting for Masters 25 previews to finalize your preorder decisions, wait no more. The full set has been revealed and it's got twenty-five years' worth of multi-format game changers, high-demand obscurities, and nostalgic thrills from Limited Edition Alpha to Rivals of Ixalan.

We expect demand to be through the roof, but take a look at these highlights and decide for yourself:

1. Rishadan Port

After eighteen years, players will be able to open Rishadan Port in booster packs once again. It's a Legacy powerhouse, particularly important in the Death & Taxes deck.

2. Azusa, Lost but Seeking

Players who love green decks love ramping multiple lands into play. No creature does this better than Azusa, Lost but Seeking, who returns with hard-to-find art from the Judge promo version of the card.

3. Imperial Recruiter

Imperial Recruiter has been printed just twice: once in Portal Three Kingdoms and once as a Judge promo. It's a tough card to track down, and this reprint is a boon to both Legacy and Commander.

4. Ensnaring Bridge

Demand for this reprint skyrocketed when Lantern Control hit the Modern scene, ultimately culminating with a win at Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. This dominant artifact, not Lantern of Insight, is the deck's true powerhouse.

5. Vendilion Clique

Both incredibly skill-testing and highly flexible, few cards better showcase the game’s strategic depth. Blue mages can always find a slot for Vendilion Clique in Modern, Legacy, and Commander decks.

6. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

A crucial piece of the Modern Five-Color Humans deck, Thalia is a luminary in every format where she's legal, indispensable to top-performing decks from Modern to Legacy to Vintage.

7. Summoner’s Pact and Pact of Negation

All-stars in Commander and Modern, these unique cards enable and protect combos. Players know mana efficiency matters, and the best price for spells is always free.

8. Crucial Uncommons: Simian Spirit Guide, Cursecatcher, Nettle Sentinel, Boros Charm

Some say a Masters set lives and dies by the uncommon slot, both for its impact on demand and its effect on the draft experience. Masters 25 delivers in both respects.

9. Filter Lands

The so-called "Filter Lands" do what no other land can do: take mana of one color and turn it into two of another. Modern and Commander players will be thrilled to see these in a pack, and likely already have a deck waiting.

10. Jace, the Mind Sculptor

The most powerful Planeswalker ever printed has returned to the Modern format. Whether casting Brainstorm every turn, defending himself, or winning the game outright, Jace means epic Magic.

This is just the tip of the iceberg—there are 249 cards in the set, and every one of them brings something important to the table. See the full list here.

Masters 25 releases March 16. Call your distributor to place or boost your preorder today.

By Roscoe Wetlaufer


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