Monthly In-Store Play Update, September 2020: Suspension Continues

Monthly In-Store Play Update, September 2020: Suspension Continues

September 9, 2020 | 1 min to read

As of September 9, 2020, the in-store play suspension in US and LATAM will remain in place. The next update will come on October 14.

In the meantime, we want to offer as much information as possible. We can confirm that the suspension will be lifted no sooner than Commander Legends Prerelease—the season will offer At-Home Prerelease only.

Remote play events remain available in Wizards Event Reporter and EventLink, but any live events scheduled will be automatically cancelled and removed from the Store and Event Locator.

We recommend WPN members host remote events, whether via Magic Arena, Magic Online, or webcam. These can be organized through a combination of Discord (find simple instructions here) and Wizards EventLink (get started here).

Events reported during this time will not, however, count towards your play metrics (Tickets and Engaged Players) and will never be retroactively counted. All promo and product allocation quantities will be based on the metrics "snapshot" taken on February 15.

Wizards will continue to monitor the situation and update WPN members on the second Wednesday of each month. Watch this website on October 14 for the next update.


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