Need to Change Your Event Dates?

Need to Change Your Event Dates?

May 10, 2017 | 1 min to read

As many organizers have noticed, Wizards Event Reporter currently allows users to schedule surplus Hour of Devastation events.

To guarantee that the events you wish to run remain on your schedule, please check them against the numbers below and cancel any extras:

Open House: 1

Prerelease: Core: 3; Advanced and Advanced Plus: 6

Game Day: Core: 1; Advanced and Advanced Plus: 2

Standard Showdown: 7 (1 event each weekend between July 22 and September 10, excluding the weekend of August 5 for Game Day)

To cancel your events:

  1. Open WER
  2. Open the "Run Events" tab then the "List View"
  3. Click the "Event" header to sort by event name
  4. Identify surplus events and click "Cancel"

All surplus events will be canceled by Wizards once the scheduling window closes.

Please cancel your surplus events before Sunday, May 21 to make sure the right events remain scheduled.

We apologize for the error and we appreciate your help in correcting it.


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