The New Friday Night Magic

The New Friday Night Magic

October 13, 2014 | 1 min to read

We've updated our Friday Night Magic program to give you the freedom to design a whole night's worth of Magic with your own community in mind.

Now WPN stores of Core level and above can:

Schedule FNM in Any Format

Conspiracy, Legacy, Commander—any format.

Schedule More FNMs Each Week

Core level and above stores can schedule up to three events in Ranked formats with a 1x Planeswalker Point multiplier, and up to three events in any format with a single Planeswalker Point (Casual) each week.

If you want to offer more, you can schedule additional events in WER on Friday night and run them as you would an FNM.

The promo cards may be distributed at any of those events.

Make sure you inform your players of your event formats and prize schedules before the event!

Get More Promos

Your allocation of promos will be based on your store level as well as the number of Fridays that you host an FNM—regardless of the number of events you schedule that Friday.

Core level stores will receive 5 promos per Friday, Advanced will receive 10, and Advanced Plus will receive 15.

So if you are an Advanced level store, hosting at least 1 FNM each week in January, you will receive a total of 50 promos for your January FNMs.

Distribute the Promos at Your Own Discretion

Consider rewarding players not just for performance, but for sportsmanship or assisting new players.

If you find yourself with extra cards after every player has one, give them out at the next week's FNM.

What formats will your community want? What times work best for everyone?

Reach out to your players and start redesigning your 2015 Friday night schedule today!


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