New Leadership for Wizards of the Coast

New Leadership for Wizards of the Coast

April 12, 2016 | 1 min to read

As you may have seen, it was announced that I will be leaving Wizards of the Coast this summer. It was very difficult to make this decision because I love working at Wizards of the Coast and believe strongly in Wizards' mission to bring people together through their shared love of games.

Wizards will be committed to working with retailers around the world to be sure stores that grow and strengthen gaming communities are appropriately rewarded for doing so. Together, we’ve had a good run with year after year of record business levels. 

But Wizards is just getting started.  You’ll see more and more great entertainment plans for you to use to improve your player experiences in store. More stores will invest to create better environments. Our digital initiatives will continue to feed the Organized Play and paper business. The future is bright and I wish you the best.

Chris Cocks, currently at Microsoft, will officially take over as President of Wizards on June 6, and I will continue to help with the transition while he gets fully up to speed. Chris is a multitalented individual and a gamer at heart. I hope you get to meet him sometime in his travels.

Over the years, I had the pleasure to meet so many great retailers. Some of my strongest memories at Wizards are of stories I heard in stores about people who had been positively impacted by gaming. It makes me proud and I hope you feel the same way and will continue to invest to improve the industry so we can impact more people.

My best wishes,

Greg Leeds


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