New Policy on Combining Premier Events

New Policy on Combining Premier Events

November 10, 2015 | 1 min to read

In order to avoid confusion over prize and event criteria, Wizards of the Coast is announcing that organizers may not combine WPN premier events (such as PPTQs or GPTs) with a third-party event and advertise it as a single tournament with a combined prize pool.

This policy was implemented because a variety of third-party Magic events sponsored by different organizations may be offered at any given time, leading to confusion over which prizes and features belong to which programs. Players might expect a certain set of prizes before attending an event, and find the tournament doesn't feature everything they were expecting.

Any as-yet unscheduled WPN premier events must remain separate from third-party events, with separate prize pools. (If your events have already been scheduled with Wizards and advertised, they may be run as-is.) 

However, organizers may run these events separately but in tandem with third-party events, at the same location, as an efficient way to offer a deeper play experience.


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