New Rules for Buy-a-Box

April 25, 2017 | 1 min to read

Beginning with Hour of Devastation, WPN stores are automatically enrolled in the Buy-a-Box program for each set, rather than requesting the promo cards through Wizards Event Reporter.

Now we've made another update to the terms, aimed at rewarding in-store play.

See the update highlighted in bold below:

Requirements for the Buy-a-Box Program:

  • Provide one (1) Buy-a-Box promo card to each consumer who purchases or preorders a full display box of Magic: The Gathering trading card game booster packs for the then-current set release for pick-up at your Retail Store;
  • Buy-a-Box promo cards may not be distributed to consumers prior to the then-current set release on-sale date;
  • Online purchases and shipping are not eligible for the Buy-a-Box Program; and
  • Undistributed Buy-a-Box promo cards after six (6) months from the applicable set on-sale date, may be given out during other events to create a great play experience.


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