One Store's Secret to Player Loyalty

One Store's Secret to Player Loyalty

November 20, 2014 | 2 min to read

In the last year, Igrovoe Pole has drawn 167 players to their events, 119 of whom have come back—an incredible return rate of 71%.

Here's how they're doing it:

WER's League Tool

At the end of each league season, organizer Igor Negovelov uses WER's League Tool to tally up all match points earned by Friday Night Magic competitors in Modern, Standard, and Booster Draft.

It's easy: Igor just creates a league, filters by format, and adds all the FNMs.

This compiles every last match point and gives Igor the standings for the season.

Not only does this concept reward players for returning, it rewards them for sticking around: a point earned in round three is as good as a point earned in round one.

Personalized Prizes

A custom gift can do more than reward players for their loyalty—it can make them proud of it.

Igor makes personalized mugs for each winner, with the winner's name right beneath the store's.

Social Media

Format champions find themselves on Igrovole Pole's VK page (the biggest social media platform in Russia) flaunting the spoils.

The result? Igor has built phenomenal player loyalty with nothing more than free tools and a personal touch.

Those same tools are at your disposal, so build your own today!


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