The Path to Premium: Branding

The Path to Premium: Branding

November 11, 2020 | 2 min to read

According to Wizards' Retail Development team, a strong store brand makes a huge impact in a store's success while working towards Premium.

But even if you're not working towards Premium, helping your store's unique qualities shine is incredibly valuable—when your store stands out, it's more natural for your community to associate it with their game.

Today, we're showcasing stores that have reached Premium in part thanks to their stellar branding. We'll break down what makes each store's brand shine and how you can take inspiration from their success.

You'll see in these examples that you can create a store brand with just color, consistent materials in your fixtures, font choices in your logo and documents—anything that looks consistent and helps build a unified feeling throughout your store.

There's no wrong answer when it comes to branding. Premium isn't about a certain look—you'll see that these stores hardly share any similarities!—it's all about what you want your store to be for your community.

C&K Cards, Games, and More in Bolivar, Missouri

C&K uses rustic wood throughout their store and vibrant colors to draw attention to sections and fixtures.

You'll also notice that the bright red from behind the café counter is carried through the store by using red displays to hold the demo games.

Gamer's Inn in American Fork, Utah

Gamer's Inn leans into their name, with beautiful wooden tables you would expect to find at any classic D&D inn! Additionally, the green found in their store logo is carried over into the play space by including it on the chairs and on the tabletop signage.

Kessel Run Games in Ottawa, Ontario

This store also leans into their name with their font choice in the logo and window decals. But they didn't stop there! Their ceiling décor inside the shop and the hyperspace graphics draw players to the play space and tie into the shop's theme.

Spanky's Card Shop in Kansas City, Missouri

Finally, Spanky's has consistent wood fixtures and signage throughout the store, like their event calendar, trashcans, and chairs. They also put their logo on every available surface—you'll never forget which store you're in!

You can read more of the Retail Development team's branding tips here.

Working towards Premium gets you personalized assistance in honing, crafting, and executing your store's unique brand—and that's only the beginning of the help you'll get making your store the best it can be! Apply today to get started.


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