Path to WPN Premium: Perfecting Your Store's Video Walkthrough

Path to WPN Premium: Perfecting Your Store's Video Walkthrough

February 15, 2022 | 3 min to read

After a long journey on the Path to WPN Premium, you're ready to take the final step: submitting a video walkthrough of your store. It will be reviewed by the WPN Premium Aesthetics Committee, and with their approval, you'll achieve a WPN Premium designation.

The WPN Premium Aesthetics Committee is a number of our global WPN Retail Development Specialists and a rotating seat for additional outside perspective. What do they look for when they watch your video? Today, we'll share the answer, plus some tips to make your video shine.

What the Committee Looks For

The WPN Premium Aesthetics Committee meets regularly to review stores who submitted a video walkthrough to earn a WPN Premium designation.

They watch each walkthrough at least twice to understand how customers might navigate your store, and to highlight any items on the WPN Premium Quality Checklist that may need to be revisited. The goal of the committee is to make sure all Premium stores are held to the same world-class standards internationally.

Your walkthrough video is your opportunity to show off your hard work and make your store shine. The good news is most stores meet committee approval after their first submission—and those that don't are typically only tasked with minor adjustments before a WPN Premium designation is given.

The most common suggestions the WPN Premium Aesthetics Committee has for further improvement are typically about:

Your Retail Development Specialist will work with you to address any suggestions made by the committee, and depending on the number of fixes, you may resubmit photos or a new video for re-evaluation.

If your store is initially denied approval for WPN Premium, there is no time limit for re-submission. Everyone's Path to WPN Premium is unique, and you may resubmit as many times as needed until you achieve a WPN Premium designation.

Tips for a Better Video Walkthrough

The video walkthrough is an important final step of your Path to WPN Premium; here are a few key tips to make sure your video is the best representation of your store for the committee.

  • Shoot in landscape mode (horizontally). It makes for the easiest viewing experience and shows the committee the most of your store at once, helping to put themselves in your customers' shoes.

  • Use slow pans across your merchandising. This makes it easy for the WPN Premium Aesthetics Committee to pause over your Sealed product displays, especially behind your point of sale.

  • Show off your WPN Premium Checklist items. The committee keeps a close eye out to make sure your sales policy, store rules, event calendar, and store hours are visible and branded.

  • Don't worry about background noise. The committee watches videos with the sound off, so any background noise or narration you may provide won't be captured during review.

Your Retail Development Specialist will always be your primary point of contact on your Path to WPN Premium: they're here to understand your business and help you realize your goals through programs like the Retail Improvement Grant.

The video walkthrough is the final hurdle of the Path to WPN Premium journey, so make sure it shows off what makes your store exceptional. Reach out to your Retail Development Specialist with any questions you may have about your video.


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