PPTQ Format Clarification

PPTQ Format Clarification

April 6, 2015 | 1 min to read

The scheduling window for Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers (PPTQ) for Pro Tour #1 2016 opens Wednesday, April 8, and this time, the available formats will be Modern and Sealed.

Why those two formats?

We listened to player feedback and going forward, PPTQs will be available to schedule in either

a) Sealed


b) the same format as the Pro Tour they lead to.

Because Pro Tour #1 for 2016 will be Modern, the PPTQs leading to it are either Modern or Sealed.

Likewise, when a Pro Tour is Standard, PPTQs will be Standard or Sealed.

Talk to your players about which format they'd like to play, then fire up Wizards Event Reporter on Wednesday, April 8 to schedule your event!


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