Preview Your AKH Event Kits

Preview Your AKH Event Kits

March 27, 2017 | 5 min to read

Start preparing for Amonkhet with this preview of what's to come in your Event Kit!

AKH Marketing Kit


Save your three standees. You'll use them again for Hour of Devastation. You'll be sent new inserts with updated art in your event kit.

Reward players for completing the Five Trials of the Gods. Players who attend Prerelease will receive a Trials Activity Card in their Prerelease pack. Reward players with one of these four-sided counters for each trial they complete over the course of Amonkhet.

You can download additional trials cards from the Marketing Materials page under “Event Accessories.”


Magic Open House


Help grow your community of players with Magic Open House. Introduce players to the game with a short and simple tutorial before jumping into a casual Standard event.

Reward players for bringing a friend. Hand out these premium, full-art basic land cards featuring art from Amonkhet to those who bring a new player to your Magic Open House.


Draft Weekend

Celebrate the release of Amonkhet. Draft Weekend provides players their first chance to draft with the new cards. Check out the Draft Weekend event page for more information.

Note: The instructions included in this kit list incorrect dates for the event. Draft Weekend occurs on April 29–30.


Magic League


Create ongoing play at your store. Magic League is a fun, on-demand play experience aimed at all skill levels. You can find more information on the Magic League event page.

Note: The instructions included in this kit list incorrect dates for the event. Magic League occurs on May 1–May 28.

Give these to players to store their league decks. A lot of stores prefer to keep decks and match cards in the store in order to guarantee the integrity of the league.


Standard Showdown


Tap into weekly Standard play. Standard Showdown is a weekly program for Standard play geared toward increasing repeat play at your store. See the Standard Showdown event page for more information.


Friday Night Magic



Game Day






Trial of Zeal Promotion


Get players excited for Amonkhet. During the week leading up to Prerelease, our Magic Community Team will challenge players to complete five trials via our social media messaging.

On April 20, hand out a premium full-art Amonkhet basic land to any player who constructs a papercraft obelisk using a template provided on our social media channels.


By Jordan Comar


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