Pro Level Gaming Supports a Player in Need

Pro Level Gaming Supports a Player in Need

October 23, 2014 | 1 min to read

Early this year, a young Magic player in Lockport, New York was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Skip ahead seven months and successful treatments have turned the victim into a survivor. But as the struggle with lung cancer ended, the struggle with medical bills began.

This is where his local store, Pro Level Gaming, got involved.

At first, organizer Jerad Forsyth wasn't sure they had the resources for a successful benefit event. Pro Level is young store, remote from any major population center. He made a short list of necessities—food, space, and prize support—then started slow, reaching out to local vendors for donations.

"I thought, anything's better than nothing. And that's what this guy's got."

The project began to look viable after early contributions from Mark's Pizzeria and Anderson's Frozen Custard.

Food: check.

Next, he tapped some personal connections to secure a community center—a savings of nearly $500.

Space: check.

One thing led to another. Hosting at the community center made Jerad comfortable approaching other game stores. The "neutral location" announced his pure intentions: he simply wanted to secure the highest possible turnout and the highest possible benefit for his cause.

It worked. Nearby WPN location Dave and Adam's Card World contributed playmats and helped promote the event.

Prize support: check.

The event was officially a go.

Jerad spread the word on flyers, social media, regular announcements at FNM, plus an ad in the Lockport Journal—making sure to publicly thank his benefactors.

The event featured raffles, a silent auction, and a Magic tournament that drew a strong crowd and put a significant dent in the player's debt.

"It's about having a good afternoon playing a game you love."

In the end, Jerad found that, as a retailer and a community member, his influence extended further than he thought. You might find that, too.

Come back tomorrow for recommendations for how to plan your own charity event!


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