Promote the Dungeon Master's Guide

Promote the Dungeon Master's Guide

November 20, 2014 | 1 min to read

Early release for the Dungeon Master’s Guide is November 28 (Black Friday).

Grab the attention of experienced and new Dungeon Masters by promoting the release with a special “D&D Dungeon Masters Training Course!”

Promote Your Course

Take advantage of our digital marketing assets by creating a flyer to promote your training course.

Tailor the messaging to target Dungeon Masters and players interested in becoming one.

On your flyer, describe your course and what you plan to offer. Some text to consider:  

  • Find out what’s new and exciting in the latest edition of Dungeon & Dragons
  • Discover how easy it is to become a DM using the new Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Learn how the new DMG will take your campaigns to new levels of fun
  • Learn tips and tricks on how to best take advantage of the new rules
  • Find out about opportunities to test your skills in D&D Encounters (great for new DMs) and D&D Expeditions!

Prep Your Course

In your course, share a sample of the Dungeon Master's Guide and include time to highlight new features and rules. Consider offering a discount to all attendees who purchase the book at the event.

For more inspiration on how to make an event that will draw new and veteran DMs, check out how Robert Adducci runs his DM training courses.

And start promoting the early release of the Dungeon Master’s Guide today!*

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