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May 15, 2017 | 3 min to read

Before you apply to join the Wizards Play Network, there are a few things you should know first.

The Application Process

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ve already applied for the Wizards Play Network program. Our team will ask you to submit a few key items to verify your business for membership.

Ownership Verification

We can only accept an application to the WPN from the registered owner of the business. Please be prepared to provide a business license or other documentation that includes the owner’s name in connection with the store.

Video Walkthrough

We would like to see your store as if we were there to see it ourselves. Please submit one continuous video. This is best uploaded via a shared link to the file. We want to see:

  • Your store’s appearance from the outside.
  • Your point of sale area and your current Magic: The Gathering sealed product.
  • Your play space.
  • Other public amenities your customers can access (including restrooms).

Here are some of the expectations we have of WPN applicants, and what we’ll be looking for in your video.

  • Your store is readily identifiable as a tabletop hobby gaming retail location.
  • The store is open for business and not under construction or in the process of being set up.
  • The storefront, retail space, play space, hallways, and bathrooms are clean, and free of dust and clutter.
  • You have a professional retail merchandising space, with appropriately stocked inventory.
  • Your play space is comfortable and spacious enough to organize at least 16-player tournament events.
  • You have access to a Windows operating system for the Wizards Event Reporter software, and an internet connection.
  • Your store is inviting and accessible to all demographics.
  • Your furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, and other fixtures are safe and in good repair.

The WPN Orientation Program

After completing the application process, you will be enrolled in a mandatory WPN Orientation period. This consists of two parts:

  1. Four weekly conversations with your region’s representative
  2. Achieving required orientation metrics for your region.

Weekly Conversations

A dedicated WPN Retail Specialist for your region will work with you to schedule four conversations over the next few weeks. These conversations will help you get to know us, help us get to know your store better, and provide you with useful insights that have helped many other successful WPN stores.

Here are the types of topics that your specialist will be discussing with you:

  1. New Player Path
  2. Event Management
  3. Sales Strategy
  4. Customer Experience

Orientation Metric Requirement

By the end of the four-week Orientation period, we expect your store to reach a required Ticket count milestone. This milestone is determined by your region.

What are Tickets? They are a total of all entries across all of your Magic: The Gathering events, in any format. If one player plays in one of your reported events, they count as one Ticket. An eight-player event is eight tickets.


Ticket Requirement (in four weeks)

Asia Pacific

90 Tickets


110 Tickets


30 Tickets

Latin America

100 Tickets

North America

90 Tickets

Missing Requirements

We have high standards for entry into the Wizards Play Network. Your store’s WPN account may be closed for any of the following reasons:

  • Missing the required Ticket count for your region by the end of Orientation.
  • Missing more than two scheduled appointments with your WPN Retail Specialist.
  • Violating WPN or individual program policies.
  • Failing to demonstrate appropriate commitment to the WPN program.
  • We also reserve the right to close any WPN account at our discretion.


If your WPN account is closed, you may be allowed to reapply for membership after a two-month waiting period, depending on the situation. For additional details, speak with your WPN Retail team.

Learn more about WPN benefits here.

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