A Quick Guide to Magic's New Block Structure

August 25, 2014 | 1 min to read

Starting in fall 2015*, we're changing the Magic: The Gathering block structure, bringing more consistent storytelling and more content to players.

For in-depth discussion and behind-the-scenes analysis, check out Mark Rosewater's article.

For a quick walkthrough, see below.

Beginning in fall 2015, Magic will have four block-set releases each year with no core set. Here is what that means:

1. Magic Blocks Will Have Two Sets Beginning in Fall 2015

Starting with "Blood" block in September 2015, each block will have one large set that introduces the world and one small set that builds upon it.

Blocks will no longer have a third set.

2. Magic Will Have Two Blocks Per Year Beginning in the Fall 2015

There will be a large fall expansion and small winter expansion set in World #1.

Then there will be a large spring expansion and a small summer expansion, usually set in World #2.

3. The Summer 2015 Core Set is the Last Core Set

In 2016, the summer set will be the second set of the block that started in spring of 2016.

4. The First Set of Each Two-Set Block (the Fall and Spring Sets) Will Cause a Rotation Beginning in 2016

The first set of a block has always caused a rotation in the past.

Beginning in 2016, this will happen twice a year (in the fall and in the spring) rather than just in the fall.

5. Standard Will Be Three Blocks Rather Than Two Blocks Beginning in 2016

To keep the metagame more robust, we are changing the size of Standard.

Khans of Tarkir will only be played in Standard for 18 months.

This change should not have any impact on the set's role in other formats.

*Seasonal mentions use those from Northern Hemisphere for convenience.


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