The Quickest Way to Improve Your Store

The Quickest Way to Improve Your Store

December 5, 2014 | 1 min to read

What's the quickest way to find opportunities to improve your store?

Just Ask!

Player feedback has shaped San Diego Games & Comics. Store owner, Jim Parenti, chats with his players in-person and via social media on a regular basis.

After discovering that many of his players wanted to stay and play later into the evening, Jim responded by extending his store hours.

Listen and Respond

James Fields of Uncle's Games finds that "the more you respond to feedback and honestly try to improve based on the feedback you get, the more people are willing to give honest feedback."

That input has influenced him to offer events that he never would have considered on his own. "We've done sealed half-deck tournaments, chaos drafts, Rochester chaos drafts, and so much more!"

Start Now!

Ask questions on social media. Speak to your players in person. Hand out an event feedback form after events.

And start improving your customers' experiences today!


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