Reduce (Perception of) Time between Rounds

Reduce (Perception of) Time between Rounds

April 4, 2016 | 2 min to read

Magic players consistently rate "long waits" before an event and between rounds as a prime reason they feel dissatisfied with an in-store event.

It may be difficult for you to substantially reduce wait times. But can you reduce your players' perception of the wait?

It turns out changing perception may be all that's necessary to eliminate complaints, as a Houston airport recently demonstrated.

How to Shift Players' Perception

The airport had been plagued by complaints of long wait times at baggage claim. Even after they hired more baggage handlers and reduced the wait to merely eight minutes, the dissatisfaction persisted. So they moved the arrival gates farther away, forcing travelers on a six-minute walk to baggage claim.

And complaints practically disappeared.

The psychology of queuing is more important than the statistics of the wait itself— Richard Larson, M.I.T. operations researcher

This is why most of Disneyland's lines feature themed décor, animatronics, and games. The experts at Disney know that time spent occupied in a task—no matter the task—reduces the annoyance of idle waiting.

Host SOI Trivia at Launch Weekend

To help you reduce the perception of idle waiting at Launch weekend, we've created Innistrad-related trivia.

Head to our marketing materials page and download and print the trivia document and award certificates, found in the "event accessories" section. Then, hand out the trivia sheet to players who are waiting between rounds or waiting for the event to begin.

After the event, award the players or teams who answer the most questions correctly with a customizable award certificate and/or any other additional prize.

Expand Its Use

Take this idea and run with it by periodically creating your own trivia sheet for your events, using general Magic: The Gathering history and lore.

Head to the "Story" section on the Magic: The Gathering website to get ideas and inspiration for trivia questions. You can find great information on individual planeswalkers as well as the many different planes of the multiverse.

Tip: If you don't have the time or capability, ask one of your players to assist. Involving them in the process will likely increase their overall engagement at your store!

Use this Innistrad trivia at your Launch events to keep your players engaged during idle time throughout the entire weekend!

By Jordan Comar


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