Remain Seated!

September 16, 2014 | 2 min to read

Did you know that every player who stays for at least one round will count toward an event's player total?

All the more reason to deliver a great experience at every event, the whole event through.

Here's how a few great WPN stores keep players engaged from start to finish:

1. Reward in-game achievements

At their Prereleases, Epic Puzzles offer rewards for in-game achievements.

One example: the "Wozniak Special," named after a player with a predilection for 5-color Commander. "If you ever have a permanent of each color, then you get five raffle tickets," says owner Dawn Christensen.

Christensen's players redeem their tickets for things like extra prize packs, sleeves, or Fat Packs. The catch: "You have to be around when your name's called. Otherwise we just move on to the next ticket."

The challenge incentivizes them to play, the reward incentives them to play all night.

2. Offer Prerelease "Care Packages"

At Game Grid, an entry fee gets you more than just a Prerelease pack. It gets you your choice of sleeves, as well as pizza during the event.

"I want to do things that engage my customers [so they say] 'this is something I won't get across the street,'" says owner Jeff Sharpe.

Sleeving players up for free makes it that much easier to sit down and play, and keeping their bellies full makes it that much easier to stay seated.

3. Reward Multiple Entries

Try rewarding players who attend multiple events.

It works for Wasteland Gaming, who take it to the extreme: "We do a thing called Iron Man," says owner Chris Boozer. They offer reduced entry and first choice of color to players who participate in all six of their flights.

4. Open Dueling

Open Dueling isn't just a great entry point for new players–it's also a chance for experienced players to dig deeper into the latest Magic set, and keep up the excitement of the Prerelease during downtime.

Issue your players their choice of Intro Pack so they can squeeze in some extra battles between matches.

Take it to the next level by offering sought-after prizes, like From the Vault!

5. Preregister!

One thing these stores have in common: they all take preregistration.

Whether you want to incentivize participation by offering players first pick on Prerelease packs, or just get a head start entering players into Wizards Event Reporter, preregistration is a great tool for getting prepared.

And if you're going to try any of the ideas above, it's a great tool for getting the word out.

So start preregistering for your Khans of Tarkir Prerelease today!


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