Shake Things Up With a Conspiracy League

Shake Things Up With a Conspiracy League

August 22, 2016 | 2 min to read

Scott Haas of Scott’s Collectibles in North Carolina wanted to try something different with Conspiracy to shake things up, sustain interest in the set, and keep players coming back.

After brainstorming with his sister and some friends, he ended up with a fun format that turned out to be a big hit with his players.

Conspiracy League

For one month, every Saturday and Sunday, players came to Scott’s Collectibles to draft Conspiracy and battle for league points.

The last player standing in each four-player pod earned four points. Second place got three points and so on down to the first player knocked out. After each four-player pod was complete, they would pair the top two and bottom two from each pod for a second game.

Additionally, each player received two “Battle Tickets” at the beginning of the event. If a player got knocked out, they had to give one of their Battle Tickets to the player who knocked them out. The winner of each pod won a booster pack and the rest of prizes were determined through the Battle Tickets.

“We literally had players trying to [knock themselves out of the game] to keep the ticket!” says Scott.

For a friendlier play experience, consider flipping Scott’s Battle Ticket system around.

Whenever a player gets knocked out, they get to take a ticket from the person that knocked them out. This helps spread the prizes around rather than rewarding only the top players. You might need to give more than two tickets to each participant in case a single player knocks out multiple players.

At the end of the month, the top 8 players with the highest point totals received an invite to a free draft that included pizza and a few booster packs from Unglued to add to the fun.

Conspiracy: Take the Crown League

The league had about thirty participants and earned Scott some additional booster sales—on top of the product he was moving for the events themselves—as groups of friends wanted to draft the set more.

Scott’s Conspiracy league was such a success that he has already begun planning the next league for Conspiracy: Take the Crown.

When asked what changes or improvements would like to make to the league, Scott said, “A much better standings board in the game room. And maybe even a crown the league point leader will wear with bonus points for ‘taking the crown.’”

Conspiracy: Take the Crown releases on August 26. Follow Scott’s lead and shake things up with a Conspiracy: Take the Crown league of your own!

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By Jordan Comar


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