Success Story: Using Wizards EventLink to Save Time

Success Story: Using Wizards EventLink to Save Time

March 15, 2021 | 3 min to read

Kiki Labad, Store Manager at Cerberus in Wellington, New Zealand, is a big fan of Wizards EventLink. Why? It’s simple to use and takes just minutes to set up an event.

Wizards EventLink has several features that make running events a breeze, like:

  • Access from any device with a browser

  • Automatic reporting

  • A user-friendly interface

  • Magic Companion integration that sends results and pairings right to players' phones

All these features make EventLink an excellent event tool to help save time setting up events. For Kiki, who is a Tournament Organizer, the easy-to-use interface and Magic Companion integration are the most beneficial.

Here's why.

EventLink's intuitive interface makes everyday event tasks simpler.

Easy navigation is one of EventLink's strongest features. That might seem like a smaller benefit compared to app integration or automatic reporting, but it makes an impact on often-repeated day-to-day operations like creating and managing events.

Creating events is smooth and simple thanks to EventLink's interface.

"It's just a lot easier to use," says Kiki. "I'd struggle a lot more with Wizards Event Reporter just trying to find things." Setting up an event in EventLink only takes between one and three minutes—less time than your players spend grabbing a snack between rounds.

EventLink’s clean navigation and single "Create New Event" button allows you to easily customize or choose a premade event template from one place.

You don't have to change a lot about what you're doing as a Tournament Organizer—it just feels smoother.

EventLink's Companion integration eases the load on Tournament Organizers.

EventLink's sync with the Magic Companion app was designed with Tournament Organizers in mind. By putting pairings and results directly in players' hands, TOs can take a step back from some of the more detailed parts of running an event.

"Tournament Organizers don't have to be concerned about getting the results right and out to the players," says Kiki. "It creates less stress on whoever's doing the scorekeeping."

Here are a few ways Companion makes life easier for TOs:

  • Players can quickly enter the Event Code into the Companion app to join the event

  • Players report results from their phone and get their next pairing sent straight to them when you end the round—no need to stop what you're doing and record results every time a game finishes.

  • Companion is the simplest way to manage remote events—since all the information players need appears on their phones automatically, you can skip trying to organize pairings in an online space.

The Companion app is available to download on iOS and Android.

"The amount of work the players have to do hasn't increased—instead of signing a sheet, they just put it in their phone," Kiki points out. "But it saves the TOs loads of time."

EventLink's intuitive interface and Companion integration have made the tool a success at Cerberus, but perhaps its best feature is that using it doesn’t disrupt Kiki's day-to-day operations.

"You don't have to change a lot about what you're doing as a Tournament Organizer—it just feels smoother," says Kiki. "And I can only see it becoming more positive for events in the future."

And Kiki's right—new features, like bulk event creation and support for Two-Headed Giant, are on the horizon, and even more are yet to come!

So, if you aren't already running events with EventLink, now is the time—EventLink will be the only way to run WPN programs from March 23 onward. Just follow this guide to getting started with EventLink and knock it off your to-do list in a few quick steps.


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