Tableraze's Low-Cost Tip to Boost Attendance

Tableraze's Low-Cost Tip to Boost Attendance

July 24, 2015 | 1 min to read

As a store owner, you want to provide service that goes the extra mile. You also want extra sales.

Tableraze, in Montpellier, France, has found a way to deliver both.

The "Resupply Card"

Responding to players who wanted a quick and easy way to buy snacks during events, Tableraze store owner Aymeric created what he calls the "Resupply Card."

Customers purchase a card for the value of ten cans of soda or snacks. Each check on the card buys one snack or one can of soda.

When completed, players can then redeem the card for an eleventh soda or snack, at no cost.

Aymeric created the card himself, and printed it at his local copy shop. He also purchased a special stamp to use just with this card. He rips the card in two when the customer redeems the free snack.

Aymeric says the card has multiple benefits:

  • No need for players to have cash for snacks
  • Players can offer to cover a friend who doesn't have the cash
  • As the store owner, he gets the cash flow up front

The Impact Was Immediate.

The "Resupply Card" boosted snack sales by 200%. It was well received by players and it helped boost attendance at events, because players were less likely to leave in search of refreshments.

Want to follow Tableraze's example? Try it at your Magic Origins events, using this template you can easily customize for your store.

By Jerome Mioso

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