Take Advantage of the Promo Policy Change

Take Advantage of the Promo Policy Change

July 26, 2017 | 2 min to read

We recently announced a change to our WPN promotional materials policy. Now you can use leftover promotional materials from previous sets to help improve in-store play!

That means any promos you have from Amonkhet and earlier can be used to boost attendance.

Here are a few ideas on how you can take advantage.

Drive League Sales

If your Hour of Devastation League attendance has waned over time, here's an opportunity to reignite interest. The more engaged players in your league, the more opportunities you'll have for booster sales each week. Simply use leftover promos for additional prize support.

You could also use leftover promos to incentivize a follow-up league. After Amonkhet, a lot of stores just started over—they ran the exact same league format again. The new promo policy lets you run another Hour of Devastation League and use leftover promos (from Amonkhet or earlier) to help drive entries.

Incentivize Event Pathing

League is meant to get newcomers into the habit of playing in your store and prepare them for full community membership. The new promo policy opens up new ways to reward recent initiates for exploring the event path and engaging with in-store Magic in new ways.

For most newer players, the best option is using leftover promos as a bonus for trying Friday Night Magic. After all, League is a kind of rehearsal for FNM—it's the next stop on the event path, and one rung up in terms of competition.

For others, you might use leftover promos to point them toward Standard Showdown. It's more focused on experienced players, but for ambitious newcomers, it's a chance to evaluate and experiment with their cards and get a feel for the kind of strategies they're drawn to.

Surprise and Delight Your Players

You want your store to be a place full of fun and enjoyable experiences that'll keep players coming back. Leftover promos can help achieve that.

Whenever a new player comes in to play in an event, welcome them with a promo. If a regular brings in a friend who hasn't played before, reward the regular with a promo and thank the new player for their participation with one as well.

Support Draft and Sealed Events

Hour of Devastation offers one of the best-received Limited environments in recent memory—it's outstanding for Booster Drafts and Sealed events. Use the new promo policy to augment your prize pool and give your limited format events an extra push.

Think of it as Buy-a-Box in miniature. Pick up three boosters for a draft, or six boosters for a Sealed event and get an extra promo as a reward.

Overall, the new promo policy helps get more players into your store. Take advantage!

By Jordan Comar


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