Take Your Launch Weekend to the Next Level

Take Your Launch Weekend to the Next Level

January 23, 2015 | 1 min to read

Want to take your Launch Weekend to the next level? We've laid out a list of resources to help you!

Prep Your Event

Get your players excited with creative themes and uncommon formats.

Download and print posters and table numbers.

Find deck checklists, kit instructions, and set release notes on our Rules and Documents page!

Get sign-up sheets and other marketing materials on the Fate Reforged product page!

Make Your Event a Success

Check out our 4 ideas to make your event bigger and better!

Find out Labyrinth Games' secrets to success.

Get into the Flavor!

Check out how these stores got into the flavor of Khans of Tarkir!

Immerse your players into the setting with a feast fit for a Khan!

Get Your Store Featured on the WPN site!

Send your photos and stories to WPNStories@wizards.com and we may feature your story in an upcoming article on this site.


Find answers to your questions about the WPN.

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