Theros Beyond Death Buy-a-Box Production Error

Theros Beyond Death Buy-a-Box Production Error

December 19, 2019 | 2 min to read

The Buy-a-Box promo for Theros Beyond Death includes two cards—one foil Athreos, Shroud-Veiled, and one foil, full-art "Nyx" Land, both packaged inside an opaque sleeve. Customers are eligible to get one Buy-a-Box pack for each box of Draft Boosters or Collector Boosters they buy.

However, due to a production error, the lands in these packs are non-foil. A reprint with proper foil treatment is currently underway and we will ship the replacement lands as soon as possible. The lands will arrive in a separate shipment, after Prerelease.

In the meantime, please issue Buy-a-Box packs to players who buy a box of Draft Boosters or Collector Boosters. They may come back for their foil land once they arrive. All three cards are theirs to keep.

Here's when you can expect that to happen:

North America: January 17–22

Latin America: Feburay 7–10

Europe: February

APAC: January 30–February 3

Japan: January 17–22

A few things to know before then:

Players keep both lands.


Please give out Buy-a-Box packs as you normally would, and let players know they can come back for their foil Nyx land when they arrive.

Foil lands arrive in packs of 12.


This is the most efficient way for the printer to ship them, which helps us get them to you as fast as possible. The number of replacement lands you receive will equal your number of Buy-a-Box packs.

What to do when your foil Nyx lands arrive:


Our Retail Advisory Panel recommends managing redemptions like this: add a placeholder item to each customer's receipt that can be "returned" in exchange for the foil lands when they arrive at your store.

This system helps you keep track of which customers are eligible to receive the card, and keeps customers from worrying about keeping track of a physical redemption card.


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