A Tool for Merchandising Magic

A Tool for Merchandising Magic

September 13, 2017 | 2 min to read

Convenience is everything when it comes to shopping. Consumers want a seamless, intuitive experience, without obstacles or interruptions.

Of course, providing that experience is a challenge with limited space. Retailers worldwide use plan-o-grams—diagrams that help inform visual merchandising decisions—to optimize the arrangement of products, improve the customer experience, and achieve the best possible sales volume.

The plan-o-gram below illustrates how to optimize the layout of your Magic product.

Download this plan-o-gram here.

The three diagrams show the ideal layout on each of three common shelving options. Green objects represents current product; multi-colored objects represent Standard-legal expansions; grey objects represent backlist or ancillary sets.

In each case, the latest set is the most visible, so that players (especially lapsed players) can immediately identify the current expansion. Meanwhile, the diagrams group like-items—for example, Standard-legal sets lined up from oldest to newest—to present a full solution to the customer.

When laying out product, think about how your eye reads from left to right. High-impact product is best placed to the left, while specialized product is best located to the right.

Download the plan-o-gram here and use it optimize your Magic layout.


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