Tune in for Friday Night Countdown

Tune in for Friday Night Countdown

October 23, 2014 | 1 min to read

Show the all-new Friday Night Countdown during this week's Friday Night Magic to inspire players who want to play like the pros!

What is it?

Friday Night Countdown is a video series that showcases what every competitive player should take away from the Pro Tour to improve their own game.

Brian David-Marshall and Rich Hagon break down deck archetypes and key draft strategies that the pros used at the Pro Tour.

How can I use it?

During Friday Night Magic, play the 15-20 minute video in the background. The video will be hosted on Youtube.com so you can replay as much as you want!

Players will gain valuable insight into how the pros play and it may even inspire them to alter their constructed decks or create new ones!

Show Friday Night Countdown at this week's FNM!


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