UK Stores: Sell WAR Early, Run Prerelease on Friday

UK Stores: Sell WAR Early, Run Prerelease on Friday

February 18, 2019 | 2 min to read

As we look for new ways to optimize the experience and impact of Prerelease weekend for our players and our stores, we’re experimenting with an expansion of the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion, plus giving stores the opportunity to start Prerelease weekend a day early.

In UK stores only, WPN members may run War of the Spark Prerelease on Friday, April 26 and all stores may put all War of the Spark product on sale from that day onwards. (Note that, as part of a similar test, the rest of Europe will put War of the Spark on sale the following day.)

Players that pick up an early booster box are eligible for a Buy-a-Box promo, just as they would be normally. If you'd like to run a Friday Prerelease, schedule one for Saturday and reach out to support to change the date.

Why an Expanded Early Sale?


After the success of our Prerelease Early Sale promotion, we know there’s demand for players to make a purchase at Prerelease, at the peak moment of excitement about a set. Yet many players pass on a full booster box, because they prefer to buy booster packs or other types of product.

Through this test, we can gauge the extent of the demand. Beginning with Prerelease weekend, European stores will be able to offer whatever amount and combination of War of the Spark products they wish: full booster displays with the Buy-a-Box promo, individual boosters, Planeswalker decks, and bundles.

We plan to take a holistic look at the impact of this experiment. After Prerelease weekend and on through the rest of the season, we’ll analyze play and sales data, as well as reach out to our stores in Europe to solicit their feedback.


Why Friday Prerelease?


We've heard your feedback in the past week about War of the Spark Prerelease coinciding with MagicFest London. We can assure you that your voice is being amplified by the UK WPN team to the highest levels of leadership in Wizards of the Coast.

In response to that feedback, we are happy to announce this opportunity for stores here in the UK. If you would like to run Prerelease on Friday, schedule an event for Saturday and contact your regional office to correct the date.

Does this change the WAR release date?

The global release date of War of the Spark remains May 3. In Europe only, retail stores may sell War of the Spark products a few days early, starting on April 27.

War of the Spark scheduling opens today! Sign up now in Wizards Event Reporter!  


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