Unlock More Benefits with a New WPN Level

March 19, 2014 | 2 min to read

Starting in June of this year, Wizards of the Coast will add a new level to the Wizards Play Network called Advanced Plus. This new level gives qualifying stores more of our limited products to support their larger player communities and to ensure a great in-store environment for all players. Advanced Plus will help stores take the next step toward creating the quality events our player community desires.

What Are the Benefits?

The Advanced Plus level will give qualifying stores access to several requested benefits:

  • Increased quantities of limited products (such as From the Vault)
  • Increased quantities of Buy-a-Box promo cards
  • Special items, such as calendar white boards and tablecloths

These benefits will go into effect beginning with the Magic 2015 Core Set Prerelease.

How to Participate

To participate in Advanced Plus, qualified locations must return and follow the Quality Agreement, available by the end of April. The agreement covers the expectations of the service received by customers at Advanced Plus locations, including:

Play Quality Standards:

  1. Provide the complete event experience to my players, including any additional activities relating to the event.
  2. Strive to promote an appropriate balance between competition and fun to reflect the spirit of the event.
  3. Present myself and my store in a professional manner to my customers, and implement policies that encourage my employees to do the same.
  4. Promote my store and events to the surrounding community to encourage a positive public image.
  5. Treat all players with respect and take steps to ensure players treat each other with respect.
  6. Provide a clean, comfortable and safe environment for my players.
  7. Act in good faith when signing up for events and event materials and only use promotional materials for my store.
  8. Promote an atmosphere and community that is welcoming to new players.
  9. Ensure that my events are run correctly and reported promptly.
  10. Take a personal interest in the implementation of events and activities in my store to ensure compliance with this agreement.

What's the Criteria?

This new level is evaluated on achievements over a rolling twelve-month basis, the same way we handle current WPN levels.

We will not be changing the requirements for Gateway, Core, or Advanced stores.

Start Now!

Engage your players now to make sure your store can qualify for Advanced Plus benefits when Magic 2015 releases!



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