Upcoming Changes Affecting Player DCIs

Upcoming Changes Affecting Player DCIs

March 13, 2017 | 2 min to read

On March 21, we’re updating how our backend system deals with DCI numbers, as a stepping stone to future system enhancements.

This change means that, in addition to requiring all WPN members to have a Wizards Account, players who have a DCI number with personal information attached, must set up a Wizards Account, if they wish to preserve their personal data (name, address, and email address).

Players who already have an activated Wizards Account will not be affected.

We recommend all players update to a Wizards Account before March 21.

What will happen if a player with a DCI number does not create a Wizards Account?

After March 21, these players’ DCI accounts will carry over play history and activation code, but lose personal data. This includes information such as name, address, and email address.

A player who has a generic DCI card, with an activation code, will still be able to enter their information through accounts.wizards.com.

Will I still be able to look up players without Wizards Accounts by name in Wizards Event Reporter?

You will be able to search for players by name if they are already in your local player database. If a player already plays in your Friday Night Magic events, they will remain in your local player database. For them, nothing changes.

But, if that same player goes to another WPN location they won’t be searchable by name, only DCI number.

After March 21, if a player who is new to your shop does not have a Wizards Account, you will not be able to search for them by name.

We recommend backing up your local player database to ensure you have player information on hand.

How can I help my players?

Encourage your players to update to a Wizards Account, prior to March 21.

Post or hand out this flyer, available on the marketing materials page, to help walk players through the set-up steps.

If a player doesn’t know their DCI number, you can look it up in your Wizards Event Reporter before March 21. If you cannot find it, have that player reach out to Customer Service before March 21.

Any player who has a generic DCI card and who knows their activation code can head to Accounts.Wizards.com and update their account.

Players with older accounts can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Accounts.Wizards.com and click "Log In." (Not "Create Account.")
  2. Enter your DCI number in the Login ID field.
  3. Enter in your case-sensitive password.
  4. Follow the prompts to create your Wizards account. Your password requires an upper-case and lower-case character, number, and a special character.
  5. Fill in your account information.

If a player has any issues, encourage them to reach out to us through Customer Service, not Retail Support.


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