Updated Retail Improvement Grants Make Application More Accessible

Updated Retail Improvement Grants Make Application More Accessible

May 10, 2021 | 2 min to read

Retail Improvement Grants are currently available in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

We've learned a lot since opening Retail Improvement Grants back in 2019—like which improvements are most likely to take stores to WPN Premium status, and how we can make the process easier for you.

Thanks to feedback from previous applicants, we've simplified the Retail Improvement Grant process for you—here's how it works now:

  • Fill out a shortened, two-question application form

  • Get a receipt confirmation email explaining when you will hear about next steps

  • Chat with Retail Development, and fill out a shortened questionnaire about your grant

If your proposal is accepted, the grant may cover up to 50 percent of the cost of your project. You do not need to reimburse us for the grant.

Preexisting projects, projects that you have already paid for, and completed projects do not qualify for Retail Improvement Grants.

If you're eager to improve your space, you should apply. Some stores have even reached WPN Premium with the help of Retail Improvement Grants.

Here are the details about the new process:

1. Fill Out a Shortened, Two-Question Application Form

We’re asking only the most important questions in the Retail Improvement Grant Application

  • Which type of grant do you want?

  • What do you want to do with it?

Select which grants you'd like and type up a brief explanation of your project—if your application moves on to the next stage, you'll give more details then.

As a reminder, you can get a grant to cover furniture, design, construction, and operational improvements in your store.

You can apply for furniture, design, and construction grants simultaneously. But, if you're applying for an operational improvement grant, please only select the operational improvement grant on the application form.

2. Get a New Confirmation Email Explaining When You'll Hear About Next Steps

The status of your grant application should be crystal clear thanks to a new confirmation email you'll receive after you submit your application. The email will let you know the application is in our system and that you'll hear back from us by the end of the quarter.

When the end of the quarter comes, you'll know whether we will move on to the next step of the application—you can always apply again next quarter if we don't move forward the first time!

3. Chat with Retail Development, and Fill Out Shortened Questionnaires About Your Grant

If your application does move forward, Retail Development will contact you by phone about the scope of your project and ask you to complete questionnaires with specific details about your project, like dimensions of your space, materials required, and a proposed timeline.

The questionnaires have been significantly amended to save time and now include only the most vital information.

Fill out the editable PDFs with the requested info, then send it back to your Retail Development Specialist.

We'll then review your complete application package and, if accepted, we will forward it to our partners at Sitelines—just like we always have. Then, you'll work with a project manager from Sitelines to make the proposed changes so you can enjoy your new and improved store!

If you've been holding back from applying for a Retail Improvement Grant, it's worth looking into the new, streamlined process to help tackle your store's projects. Log in to apply for a 2021 Retail Improvement Grant today!


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