Vault of Midnight’s Colossal D&D Celebration

Vault of Midnight’s Colossal D&D Celebration

September 17, 2014 | 3 min to read

This Friday, the Monster Manual becomes available at WPN stores Core level and above.

Take a cue from this five-hour, eight-table, sixty-eight-player blowout and celebrate the release in your store!

Since their celebration event, Vault of Midnight has seen a huge increase in sales, and a huge increase in attendance: at D&D Encounters the following Wednesday, turnout was four times larger than usual.

Check out the details below:

Five of the eight tables seated experienced gamers, while the remaining players experienced D&D for the first time.

Organizer Marcus Schwimmer wanted everyone to dive straight into the narrative, so he prepared nine characters, ranging from Human Cleric to Dragonborn Sorcerer, and issued them to players based on personal preference or leading questions like “What is your favorite character in fantasy literature?”

Marcus originally called on staff to fill Dungeon Master duties, but once the scope of the event ballooned beyond his resources, Marcus called in favors with his own gaming group.

"I said, all those Mountain Dew and Doritos bags I bought you over the last decade…it's time to pay up." 

VoM worked with Chessex to produce custom dice for each participant. Turnout was so massive they had to order a second round!

The event drew men and women in equal numbers. Marcus says they manage to draw a diverse crowd by carefully managing the environment.

“This is a safe place to game,” says Marcus. “You can either be a part of that or you can find somewhere else to play."

The event peaked with a huge cooperative effort: the three beginner tables defended a mill while the experienced tables raided Skyreach Castle!

DMs updated one other on each table’s progress and guided the battle accordingly.

Take a cue from this success and celebrate the Monster Manual's release in your store!

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