Video: How to Assemble & Use Your M19 Intro Display

Video: How to Assemble & Use Your M19 Intro Display

June 11, 2018 | 3 min to read

Core Set 2019 is the best entry point for any potential Magic player. To help you capitalize on the set's recruiting potential, we're sending you some acquisition tools—including this Magic Intro Display.

Watch the following video for tips and guidelines on how to best use this resource to attract new players to the game. (For a full transcript of the video, click on the button below the video.)

Also included below, you will find the sample Magic Intro Display Scenario discussed in the video as well as second video that walks you through the Magic Intro Display assembly process.

Magic Intro Display Video


Magic Intro Display Scenario

For this sample scenario, open one red and one green Welcome Deck and use the cards in those decks to create the battlefield and hands depicted in the following image:

Green Player: 5 life
Green Battlefield:

  • 6 Forests
  • Colossal Dreadmaw
  • Giant Spider
Top of Green Deck: Titanic Growth (Facedown)
Green Hand:
  • Forest
  • Oakenform
  • Titanic Growth


Red Player: 6 life
Red Battlefield:

  • 6 Mountains
  • Shivan Dragon
Top of Red Deck: Electrify (Facedown)
Red Hand:
  • Mountain
  • Lightning Strike
  • Shock


This sample scenario has been set up to allow either the red or green player—whichever side the customer is on—multiple routes to victory and should take about five minutes in total.

Briefly explain the premise of Magic, what their goal is as a player in this scenario, and give a basic overview of how creatures and lands function.

Then let them take their turn, having them draw a card, and see if they can figure out how to win on their own. Feel free to give small hints to point them in the right direction if they are struggling. If the customer finds the scenario too easy, you can increase the difficulty by increasing the life totals by a few points.

Afterward, encourage them to take a Welcome Deck of their choice and lead them to your Learn-to-Play area for a full tutorial of the game.

Magic Intro Display Assembly Video

Follow this step-by-step guide for help assembling your Magic Intro Display.

By Jordan Comar


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