Week 4 Conversation: Running Quality Events

Week 4 Conversation: Running Quality Events

April 3, 2017 | 1 min to read

The fourth week focuses on creating great experiences for your players. Here's some more information and ideas below:

Create Memorable Experiences

Take the steps to build an incredible retail experience for your customers and players.

Always keep an eye on the basics by cleaning all store spaces and greeting regulars who walk in the door by name. Have food and drink options on hand.

Make sure your store décor creates a great first impression. Try different display arrangements and lighting options.

Start your events on time and stream coverage.

Host creative event offerings to mix it up. Think Magic BBQ or New Player Pizza Party. Imagine a Halloween party where new players can earn candy!

Train your staff to provide excellent customer service and build an inclusive environment.

Run Magic League in Your Store

Drive consistent play with a Magic: The Gathering league in your store.

With each new set, Magic League will be available for scheduling in Wizards Event Reporter. Our Magic League event page has all the details. Whenever players are in your store playing league matches, be sure to report them under your Magic League event.

Running league creates an in-store play option that’s easy to jump in, encourages repeat play, and ramps your newer players into other programs such as Standard Showdown and Friday Night Magic.

Just because one season’s formal league ends, the play doesn’t have to. Find a combination of play and prizes that works for your store.

You can have a league available year-round!

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