What to Do Between FNM and 12AM Prerelease

What to Do Between FNM and 12AM Prerelease

December 12, 2016 | 1 min to read

Aether Revolt Prerelease begins Saturday, January 14, 2017.

If you’re planning on hosting a midnight Prerelease on Friday night, consider bridging the gap between Friday Night Magic and midnight with an activity that will keep your players in store and engaged.

Reduce the Perception of the Wait

Magic players consistently rate "long waits" before an event as a prime reason they feel dissatisfied with an in-store event.

It turns out changing perception may be all that's necessary to eliminate complaints, as a Houston airport recently demonstrated.

This is why most of Disneyland's lines feature themed décor, animatronics, and games. The experts at Disney know that time spent occupied in a task—no matter the task—reduces the annoyance of idle waiting.

Take this idea, combined with the adult coloring trend and hand out our Aether Revolt coloring sheets (found on our marketing materials page under the "event accessories" section). Have a coloring contest, post your favorites on social media—or just use it as inspiration for another Aether Revolt themed activity that might add some extra fun to the time before your Prerelease.

Fill the Gap with Food

If coloring or activities won’t resonate with your community, another option to consider is food.

Rhonda Becker owner of The Gamer’s Den serves a meal at 11:00pm to encourage players to stick around when waiting for the midnight Prerelease.

It’s a nice bridge between our FNM and our midnight event.

She explains that they ran into an issue of players leaving for dinner after their FNM event, promising to return for the midnight event, but unfortunately would not.

Players would get distracted by other entertainment options, or they would grow tired during the lapse in activity, and some would simply forget to return.

Rhonda avoids these potential pitfalls by catering dinner and keeping players in her store.

So we see higher retention between FNM and our midnight event now.

Take one of these ideas as inspiration and implement them in ways that work best for your store and player community for your midnight Aether Revolt Prerelease!

By Jordan Comar


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