What to Know About Conspiracy: Take the Crown

What to Know About Conspiracy: Take the Crown

August 16, 2016 | 4 min to read

Conspiracy: Take the Crown will be releasing on August 26.

Here's a quick overview of all the things you need to know about hosting an event with this new product.

Take the Crown!

You will receive lineage sheets and constructible crowns in your Conspiracy: Take the Crown Launch Kit.

Give each participant a crown and hand out the Royal Proclamation of Ascendancy to each group of players.

The Royal Proclamation of Ascendancy sheet is a fun and engaging way for players to document and memorialize their games and can be used as a flavorful award to the winners at the end of the game.

You can download and print additional crowns and lineage sheets from the marketing materials page on the WPN website.

Crown Construction

Follow the steps in this short video to construct your crowns.

Player List Only

Conspiracy: Take the Crown is a unique format where players will draft the set and then split up into pods of three to five players for a game of free-for-all multiplayer (see detailed rules below as well).

There are no rounds associated with the event, making it a "Player List Only" event.

If you didn't manually click the box marked "Player List Only" when scheduling your Conspiracy: Take the Crown Launch Party event, you will need to do so when you launch the event in Wizards Event Reporter.

To do that, open the event and click "Edit" found on the Event tab.

Click the "Player List Only" checkbox and then hit "Next" to reschedule the event for the correct day and save.

If it requires you to add an email address, click "Back" twice to get to the event edit window again and then add your desired email address under the "Advanced" button.

Conspiracy Format Rules

Players will begin with a regular Booster Draft, using three Conspiracy: Take the Crown booster packs.

Similar to previous Conspiracy product, this set adds fun twists and mini-games to the drafting experience.

Once the draft is complete, allow players some time to construct their decks and split into groups of three to five players.

Once split, each group plays one or more Free-for-All multiplayer games.

Each player starts with twenty life and draws a hand of seven cards. Players are seated randomly in a circle and turns progress one player at a time in clockwise order around the table. Determine which player goes first by rolling dice. The player who goes first gets to draw a card for their draw step (unlike a regular two-player game).

During gameplay, a player may choose to attack any other player, regardless of their position on the table, and can also choose to attack multiple different players during their attack phase. Permanents, spells, and abilities can also target any player around the table (as long as they don't explicitly say they must be used on "you").

The last player left standing in each game wins!

New Mechanics


Each Conspiracy: Take the Crown booster has one special card, identifiable by the crown watermark on it. These will touch parts of the game that cards normally can't—they'll either affect the draft or deckbuilding or the start of the game. Some have the "conspiracy" card type, but there are a variety of others.

You'll want pens and sticky notes or note cards available for players to write down secret information that is required by some of these special cards.


This mechanic is at the heart of the set's game play. Some cards say you "become the monarch" or have effects that vary depending on the current monarch.

There is no monarch as the game starts, and there is never more than one monarch in the game at a time. Players claim the title by dealing combat damage to the current monarch player, or with any spell or ability that says "you become the monarch."

Players can use the reminder token card found in Conspiracy: Take the Crown booster packs or their constructed crowns to signify the current monarch. The current monarch should also record their name on the Royal Proclamation of Ascendancy you received in your kit.

Running Multiple Events

If you want to run additional Conspiracy: Take the Crown events, just schedule and run a "Magic Casual Multi-Player" event in WER and use the "Player List Only" option.

As always, take your event to the next level in your own unique way and create a memorable experience that will leave players excited to come back to your store.

By Jordan Comar


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