What's New with Amonkhet?

What's New with Amonkhet?

February 13, 2017 | 3 min to read

Find out about four new programs launching with Amonkhet and schedule them today!

Scheduling is now open for Amonkhet events!

When you open Wizards Event Reporter to sign up, you'll notice there are four new programs on the roster, in addition to Prerelease, Buy-a-Box, and Game Day.

Here are the details:

Magic Open House

Timed to occur the Saturday before Amonkhet Prerelease, this new program encourages casual fun for new players and easy, league-style Standard play with a participation promo reward.

On Saturday, April 15, invite players of all levels to come together to play Magic, say farewell to Aether Revolt, and look ahead to the next exciting release—Amonkhet.

Start by introducing new players to the game and welcoming them into your Magic community with learn-to-play sessions, using the Welcome Decks that will be provided in your kits. Invite your veteran players to join the fun by bringing a friend or helping to teach new players.

Culminate your day with a casual Standard event that encourages new players to test their decks and meet the community.

Don't forget to end each learn-to-play session and your Standard event with an invitation to return the following weekend for your Amonkhet Prerelease.

Sign up for this event in Wizards Event Reporter and receive twenty Welcome Decks, plus twenty-five premium full-art basic lands (five of each) from Amonkhet to use as rewards.

Draft Weekend: Amonkhet

We're transitioning Launch Weekend into Draft Weekend by pairing the release of a new set with the excitement of Booster Draft.

Players will still earn a premium foil promo card for their participation at each Draft Weekend event (while supplies last).

You can schedule as many events as you like over the weekend of April 29–30, but Booster Drafts that take place during Friday Night Magic are not included in this program.

Magic League: Amonkhet

After a successful playtest and preview season, the Magic League program officially launches with Amonkhet on May 1, 2017 and will run for four weeks.

League is a quick-start, casual program for players of all levels. Its flexible, on-going play makes it easy for players to jump in and start playing at their own pace. The rules for running the league remain the same as Magic League: Aether Revolt.

But this time, you'll sign up for the program in Wizards Event Reporter, and receive 30 match cards and 30 collection boxes for players to store their league decks.

When you sign up, WER will ask you to schedule a day for your Magic League meetup. Select any day that works best for attracting casual Magic players in your store, and use this as a designated time to supply additional booster packs each week.

Feel free to encourage Magic League play outside of your dedicated meetup night as well, including at Friday Night Magic. Games play fast, so they're great in between rounds of your other events.

Standard Showdown: Amonkhet

Amonkhet also marks the return of another program we piloted last fall: Standard Showdown.

The pilot program was such a success that we're extending it to eight weekends, beginning May 6.

Players will still have the chance to earn a Standard Showdown pack for participating each week.

But we heard your feedback that scheduling was too restrictive, so we're opening up this event to occur either on Saturday or Sunday (excluding Game Day weekend).

Buy-a-Box: Amonkhet

Amonkhet will be the last season where Core-level-and-above WPN members must sign up in Wizards Event Reporter to participate in the Buy-a-Box program.

Even if you have already reviewed and agreed to the new WPN Terms and Conditions, you still need to schedule Buy-a-Box: Amonkhet to receive your kit. Beginning with Hour of Devastation, you will be automatically enrolled.

If you are a store owner and you have not yet reviewed and agreed to the WPN Terms & Conditions, WPN Code of Conduct, and WPN Privacy Policy, take care of it now.

Then open up Wizards Event Reporter to take advantage of all these new programs by scheduling them today!

By Jordan Comar


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